Please find below our payment terms. If you have any questions about our payment terms or any invoices that you’ve received, please drop an email to


All invoices must be cleared before the invoice due date stated on the invoice unless you’ve agreed a separate due date or have an agreed payment plan directly with Ryan of Peakplex Internet (

Hosting invoices must be cleared using one of two methods; either equal monthly payments or one annual payment. Hosting clients will be invoiced from April to March each year.

Failure To Make Payment

Failure to make payment before the invoice due date stated on your invoice gives us permission to suspend any services that you have with us. This includes suspending your website hosting meaning your email(s) and website(s) would stop working until payment has been made.

For hosting clients who are paying monthly, failure to make a payment in any month gives us permission to suspend your hosting services with us until you have made all payments. Clients who pay hosting annually will be suspended as of the 6th of July (one month after the original invoice due date) until payment has been made.

If there are any invoices that have not been cleared on your account, we will send you a friendly email reminder, just in case you didn’t realise or forgot about it.

Suspended Services

It’s very unlikely that we will suspend your services with us if the invoice due date has just passed, but as of any date after the invoice due date, we can suspend your services especially if you’ve ignored or not responded to our emails.

No Response From Client

If we have had no response from you after sending numerous emails; we can assume you no longer require the website, emails, and/or the hosting services, so we can terminate your account.

Terminating Services

Clients can terminate services with us at any point, but they must give us 30 days notice before the date they wish to stop. In addition, all unpaid invoices must be paid for unless agreed with Ryan (

We will offer a refund, if there is one to offer, but this can be discussed with Ryan directly. The deposit for any web design project is non-refundable, so can’t be refunded, as stated on your web design contract.

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