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Domain Registration and Renewals

Domain Registration ScotlandIf you want a website, then you’re going to need a domain as well. The domain is what people type in to see your website and it tends to end with or .com. For example, our domain is and when you type it in, you’ll see this website you’re on now.

Domain Registration

We don’t only host websites, but we can help you get your ideal domain name. We can register popular domain endings like and .com as well newer endings like .scot and .online. If you really wanted, you can have a .ninja domain too!

There are hundreds of domain endings available at various prices depending on the domain ending and the number of years you wish to register it for. Speak to us directly and we’ll help you find an available domain name which is perfect for you.

Domain Renewals

Every few years, you will need to renew your domain. We use an auto-renewal system, so we will be notified thirty days in advance before your domain expires! If it expires, it becomes available to the public to purchase, so ensuring it renews is important.

You can renew your domain for either one year, two years or even five years. Also, when you no longer need a domain, you can let it expire, which has no cost.

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